Monday, June 25, 2012

Planning and Eating Time at Mcdo

The pics say it all! Kaya join na kayo ...

Please text or call the numbers listed.

Thank you!

Invitation to ex-OFWs

The CBO-Philippine Chapter Ad Hoc Committee last Sunday, 24 June 2012 at Mcdo City Hall. Discussions evolved with a fundraising project, new memberships and tree planting activity with OWWA-Baguio.

Interested ex-OFWs (around the globe) in town are welcome to join us.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Job Opportunities

Please share these job opportunities to everyone who are qualified.

There are about 15,000 workers needed in the company for the construction of an oil refinery in Limay, Bataan.

DAELIM, a Korean Company in partnership with PETRON Phils. has 24 other Korean sub-contructors for the manpooling, logistics, etc.

Watch out for more updates. A service of CBO in Action!

In Bataan

 Grace and Nancy went to Limay, Bataan for job-hunting and business-partnership.

With Rod, who toured us around the vicinity of an Oil Refinery soon to open. A 2.8 billion dollars investment by DAELIM Company of Korea.

With Mr. Kang who gave us free board and lodging at his business establishment at Orion, Bataan.

CBO Goes to Ambiong

A visit supposedly to attend a burial of a "lolo" of one CBO officer turned-out to be a somehow funny experience. The burial was Friday not Saturday. Until now, I can't contemplate why the miscommunication. We're dumbfounded but later regained composure when we were again invited to go down the trail to attend a wedding ceremony. Declining was somehow the sanest thing to do since we don't even know who are the bride and groom.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Red Plated Car for CBO

This red-plated car manifests the support of La Trinidad's Mayor to CBO and the cause being promoted by OWWA. Thanks to Nancy who facilitated the lending of the car. May your tribe increase, Mayor!

Some members of the AD Hoc Committee: Judy Gat-omen, Violy Tindo, Lee Rose Soliven, Arnold Bondad, Nancy Pantaleon, Lucia Gaiwen and Grace Fikingas.

A Visit to a CBO Member's Home

In as much as Mila would like to attend the Migrant Worker's Day Celebration, she just couldn't come as a more important birthday party was thrown to his ailing 94 years old papa in their house at Calgryp, Irisan. So, Grace, Nancy and Lillian instead paid them a visit and partook with the festive birthday food prepared. Yummmmy ..

Monday, June 11, 2012

Migrant Workers' Day 2012

The Cordillera Brotherhood Organization was invited to participate in the affair jointly sponsored by OWWA, POEA and DOLE.

Ad Hoc Committee

An Ad Hoc Committee was formed right after the Migrant Workers' Day to oversee the upcoming activities of the brotherhood as there were only 2 original officers present.This is to ensure the continuity of the works left undone. Therefore, we encourage everyone who are interested to join the brotherhood. Please attend our first ever meeting this year, tomorrow at 3 P.M.,  Km 4, La Trinidad, Benguet. Exact location will be announced through text. Below are members of the Ad Hoc Com taken at Sab-atan Resto, Dangwa Station, Baguio City.

CBO in Action

After a year of hibernation, the Cordillera Brotherhood Organization - Philippine Chapter, is active once again. So many things happened last year that somehow affected the performance of the officers as well as the members. But, this didn't mean that the brotherhood was not doing anything to pursue its vision-mission.

This new blogsite will be updated every now and then for all of us to appreciate more the works undertaken, ongoing and future endeavors of the brotherhood.

So, everyone is welcome to post his/her views, whether negative or positive, as long as it is for the goodness of the brotherhood as a whole. Thank you and God bless!